We make fun of tumblr pictures. It's not hard.
how the fuck did you make that thing that says reblog if you livee here?!

It’s called a title. It’s an optional header you can add to any post you want.

I want you. Now.


You guys suck.

Well, you’re a giant tool.

I wanna be first!

You know who else wanted to be first? Hitler.

Please tell me your theme?

It’s a mixture of the Pokemon and Ghostbusters theme songs.

do you people have a personal blog?

Yea, It’s called Facebook.

I want to make an idiot out of myself.

You’ve come to the right place.

you forgot washington.

Well actually, you forgot Poland.

I love you. Almost as much as i love zombies<3

I’m glad to see I’m up to par with beings of rotting flesh with no other desire then to eat the first living thing they see. Definitely a self-esteem booster.

"New Brunswick" ...where, which one...there's more then one place called New Brunswick ??

The new one.

How did you do that state thing?

I stated where you were.
Then I stated that you should reblog it.
That’s all I stated. Not a big statement.

Você mora no Espírito Santo???


what is cundinamarca ?

Ask your friendly neighborhood Google.

What kind of blogs do you follow?

The attractive ones. I wait until their alone, of course.

how did you do that penguin thing:O x

I put on a tuxedo and waddled around. The trick is to minimize finger movement, thus making your hands look very similar to fins.